Javier Erlanz


With a deep respect for noble and natural materials, these are present in his projects to create environments that transmit sensations and emotions. Javier Erlanz’s style, aesthetically ordered and proportioned, unpretentious and natural, tries to show the elegance of the simple, of what surrounds us, being honest and contextual with the environment, with the materials, and with the space.

“After living in Ibiza, the Algarve, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon and Madrid and after a long professional career in the Advertising and Marketing sector intervening in image and experience projects for multinational brands, Erlanz changed course in 2016 and decided to focus on developing his passion, creating a studio that today bears his name formed by with a team of professionals that allows the comprehensive development of projects in the commercial or residential field. In this period, he has had the opportunity to develop projects both nationally and outside Spain, such as Florence, Milan, Lisbon, or Lugano.”

Projects must tell a story, have a plot but always prioritize human needs over-literal aesthetics.
Only from that moment on can the magic of Emotion be produced.



Each project must have a storyline, tell an honest, credible, unpretentious story.
Contextual with the space, the environment and the product or service.